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Bee hive in my tree

Any advise with this? 18" around full honey comb hanging in my tree. Don’t know anything about bees except they are awesome.

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Located in Winter Garden FL

Wow, what a beautiful “exposed hive” of bees! :blush: Exposed hives rarely survive for long, as they have no protection from the weather. The best thing would be to get help moving them into a standard hive.

I don’t know this guy, but he is a beekeeper in your area, and advertises live removals if you want them taken away. If not, he may be willing to help you put them into a hive on your property, and advise you where to get the equipment and mentoring you will need to take of them.


I think @JeffH would disagree with you on that one.
I remember him saying the bees hang around out there for a while in all conditions, including rain.

Now where’s a thread I can join this too? Cut-out, etc?

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Ok my bees are gone. I had a local beekeeper come and get them. Many layers and he cut them out and framed the combs.

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Thank you for letting us know what happened, and for taking photos. I am sure that they will be safer inside a proper hive. :blush: