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Bee hive in my tree


Any advise with this? 18" around full honey comb hanging in my tree. Don’t know anything about bees except they are awesome.


Located in Winter Garden FL


Wow, what a beautiful “exposed hive” of bees! :blush: Exposed hives rarely survive for long, as they have no protection from the weather. The best thing would be to get help moving them into a standard hive.

I don’t know this guy, but he is a beekeeper in your area, and advertises live removals if you want them taken away. If not, he may be willing to help you put them into a hive on your property, and advise you where to get the equipment and mentoring you will need to take of them.


I think @JeffH would disagree with you on that one.
I remember him saying the bees hang around out there for a while in all conditions, including rain.

Now where’s a thread I can join this too? Cut-out, etc?


Ok my bees are gone. I had a local beekeeper come and get them. Many layers and he cut them out and framed the combs.


Thank you for letting us know what happened, and for taking photos. I am sure that they will be safer inside a proper hive. :blush: