Bee Husbandry Day at Stoneleigh

For those wanting to see what a bee inspection is like (UK)

Bee Husbandry Day at Stoneleigh. Really good day, lots of info saw Small Hive Beetle and Asian Hornets - In plastic or preserving fluid thank goodness - AFB, EFB, Wax moth, Chalk Brood, all on current frames collected by NBU inspectors in their recent tours. Frames were in a room we had to wear, gloves, aprons and wash and sterilize hands before and after - No Photies of this room - we all looked like surgeons with out gloved hands in the air. I did however film the Apiary inspection of my group.


I’ve never been to a bee husbandry day but I can certainly recommend the disease workshops the NBU run. You get to look at disease in situ, though after the “exam” at the end looking at frame after frame after frame they get to look the same.
Did they show any videos of affected hives/bees’ behaviour? I always thought that was a shortcoming of the NBU roadshows.
I gather there has been an outbreak of EFB at Stoneleigh so they should have some "fresh"material.

@Dee There is EFB and AFB in Nuneaton presently. The film on circuit during lunch and at the end of the day was about Small Hive Beetles - They have a protected room at York HQ with SHB they have been studying and Using Black Correx for capture - I queried have they an action plan for the outbreak but not Live yet.

If you go onto Bee Base it will show the currently infected areas. Also the names are not necessarily the place it is just a tag for the outbreak

AFB Live report:

EFB Live report:

They set one frame as a mystery and it had several problems

Beekeepers who manage their hives well wont have any problems with SHB, when the outbreak in the U.K. occurs.

I’m hoping,too that our climate won’t be the best for them to thrive

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