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Bee keeping in Thailand

The plastic frames I am referring to you can see in the brood box in the photo
Yes I am aware of the china clones of flow. I am also aware of the many youtube videos online that rate them pretty badly compared to the flowframes. I want the real thing, that is why I am in this forum. As a newbie, I want to make sure I can make it work before going full throttle because (as mentioned) shipping and tax of western products to Thailand is pretty horrific. Not to mention the heat and completely different plants over here.


Hi Justin, my name is Jan Davey, Old fart of 72 and will be actually starting bee keeping in the New year. At the moment I am in the process of collecting all of the required equipment. So far I have 2 hives with 2 X 2 deeps and 2 X1 mediums, all built and painted, ready for installation,plus inner covers, two Nuc boxes ( one having been smashed in transit and was replaced. But I did manage to salvage it and rebuild it. A smoker and smoke pellets. I am expecting delivery of 20 medium plastic foundation frames, hive tools etc hopefully next week. Then next month a load of deep plastic frames all for the Apis Mellifora bees I intend to purchase from Supher beefarm up in Chang Mai in February. I am relyably informed that Apis Mellifora are a nice calm and gentle type of bee breed. But February because that is when the fruit flowering season begins. Supher beefarm supplies 5 frame Nuc’s at 2k a Nuc, but is buyer collect not by post unfortunately. Hope that has been a bit helpful as I am a complete newbee also. Good luck. Janboy. RN. Rtd.

Hi Folks
New to Thai beekeeping.
Just built my first topbar hive .
Located between Chiang Rai and Mae Sai
Looking for a bee supplier, somewhere close by preferably,and any information your willing to share on setup.

Hello! Living in Chiang Mai and curious if there are any English speaking beekeeping courses around. I am interested in learning the ins and outs of basic beekeeping while im here until May. If anyone has any tips or wants to show me theirs I would be grateful.

Thanks :pray:

Hey @BBUDD wondering how your process is going and if you would be willing to show me some of your progress one day? Looking to get into beekeeping :slight_smile:

Just finished the top bar hive

No bees in it as yet

looking for local supplier -probably also put out some bait trap hive boxes and see if I can attract some local bees

Least that way I’ll know there acclimatized to local conditions-should also be parasite resistant

Just missed a good swarm a couple weeks ago-stayed right at my gate for a couple days

Wish I’d had a place to put them at the time

I’m located up near Mae Cam-just north of Mae Chan-guests are welcome

Well it is the beginning of flow season and it seems my two hives of A. Melifera collected from Supha bee farm (two months apart) but 8 months ago just do not want to grow. The last 8 months the queen has never really moved off the 5 frames that came with the starter kit, and does not seem to increase her laying during the 2 months sugar feeding or the beginning of the flow.

With the honey flow only being 2-3 months in Thailand, I am concerned they will not even migrate to the last 5 frames, let alone move up into the supers. I have discovered (since spending money on the western based hives) Thai bees do not like multiply levels and hardly ever use the upper super.

Is this the experience of others? Did I just get lame queens from the same source twice? Has the Thai bee population just been breed into tame/peaceful bees at the expense of production? Should I look to import a higher producing queen from another country? I really want these supers to be used, and not collect honey from the outside 5 frames of a hive as I am told the Thai beekeepers do. Or am I just to anxious and need to wait longer still?

It seems to me that if local beekeepers only ever harvest the frames from a single brood box- then perhaps that’s all the local conditions can achieve? You’d think that if there was a better way the locals would have found it by now? Knowing how much Thai’s love their food- I imagine they are super keen to get as much honey as they can. Have you spoken to many local beekeepers?

personally I doubt importing queens will change much- as it sound like the local conditions are the main limiting factor? But I don’t know of course.

Hi guy’s,

My name is Lars. I am new here.
I am looking for some courses in beekeeping somewhere in thailand any advice?


Seek out established beekeepers , via internet, market stalls,newspaper, and ask them about courses and becoming a mentor.

Hey Steve,

My name is David. I see you haven’t been on in almost a year but I’m reaching for straws at this point and hoping you can help. I live in Chiang Rai and am trying to renovate a house in Bandu. Unfortunately, there is a colony that has set up shop inside the walls of the room I need to insulate. It’s slowed down the project and the only solution I’m getting from most locals is to spray them out. No one seems to know a local that can take them out at the very least anyways. I’d love for them to have a new home. Wondering if you’d be interested in coming up to Chiang Rai to take care of them? I’d be happy to talk accommodation and compensation if you’re willing to make the trip.


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WOW This is blinding!
I didn’t expect anyone in this forum from Thailand.
Just a short hello:
I am Willy, 56 from Germany living since 2002 in Pattaya and when I retire from Offshore working I want to move north east and build an aquaponics farm.
As a child of 10 years I started with bees till my Grandpa died.
But I reckon that Thailand is another Game when it comes to bees, the only thing I learned so far is that some are like Gunslingers, a bit to close and you end up with a copious amount of stings under the T-shirt that let you sleep like a Baby for 16 hrs :wink:
others didn’t sting at all…

Flow hives, never heard of them until I checked at Lazada, I grew up with self-made classic Straw Hives or box hives with frames…
I guess after scrolling the next few days though this forum I might have a lot of questions…