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Bee keeping in Thailand


The plastic frames I am referring to you can see in the brood box in the photo
Yes I am aware of the china clones of flow. I am also aware of the many youtube videos online that rate them pretty badly compared to the flowframes. I want the real thing, that is why I am in this forum. As a newbie, I want to make sure I can make it work before going full throttle because (as mentioned) shipping and tax of western products to Thailand is pretty horrific. Not to mention the heat and completely different plants over here.


Hi Justin, my name is Jan Davey, Old fart of 72 and will be actually starting bee keeping in the New year. At the moment I am in the process of collecting all of the required equipment. So far I have 2 hives with 2 X 2 deeps and 2 X1 mediums, all built and painted, ready for installation,plus inner covers, two Nuc boxes ( one having been smashed in transit and was replaced. But I did manage to salvage it and rebuild it. A smoker and smoke pellets. I am expecting delivery of 20 medium plastic foundation frames, hive tools etc hopefully next week. Then next month a load of deep plastic frames all for the Apis Mellifora bees I intend to purchase from Supher beefarm up in Chang Mai in February. I am relyably informed that Apis Mellifora are a nice calm and gentle type of bee breed. But February because that is when the fruit flowering season begins. Supher beefarm supplies 5 frame Nuc’s at 2k a Nuc, but is buyer collect not by post unfortunately. Hope that has been a bit helpful as I am a complete newbee also. Good luck. Janboy. RN. Rtd.