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Bee keeping in Thailand


I am currently waiting for my flow hive to arrive and before it does would like to try to source a Queen bee and get in contact with any other people who are currently producing honey or have hives in Thailand. I have no previous experience with bees and any help or recommendations on what species of bee and plants that they can feed on will be much appreciated. I live by the sea in Chumphon province in the Gulf of Thailand, and the weather here tends to be hot and wet and hot and dry. With temperatures rarely going below 23°C and humidity levels between fifty and a hundred percent.


I also live in Thailand. I too would like to keep bees. Did you find a queen supplier?

Many thanks,



I haven’t managed to find a queen bee yet, but when I do I’ll let you know. Likewise please let me know if you find a queen bee.


I live in the Netherlands but have a house in Surin as well. I am a beginning beekeeper and will attend the beekeepers course in February. I did a lot of reading and found this thread: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/148167-bee-keeping/

So in Khon Kaen you will find the Northeastern Beekeepers Association, they can provide complete hives and queens.

I understand that native Thai bees are smaller than the European ones. Do you think you need a smaller queen excluder as well? This to prevent your queen from laying eggs in the honey section.


You are probably dealing with Apis cerana. Or the asian honeybee they are fairly significantly smaller then european honey bees. Asian honeybee is on the left. My guess is you would need a specific queen excluder to account for their size.


Now I am from Cambodia, I am very interesting on it but I do know how to order?


Hi Nile,

You can go to the top of the page and click on the Honeyflow.com link and shop there.

Last I heard the orders being placed now are being filled in February.



Hi guys ,
I believe there is someone in Khon Kean who keeps bees but other than that I can’t be of much help. I was living there in 2010 and was looking myself and came across this info.




Hi Nile! How did you go with your Flow Hive in Thailand? I am up in Northern Thailand and would love to hear any comments on how the Flow Hive goes in Thailand!


Hi Everyone My name is Steve I live near Chiang Mai and I am just starting out beekeeping. I would like to get to know more people and experiences raising bees in Thailand and especially the north of Thailand, but I am interested in all areas of South East Asia and wish to travel to learn more. Please contact me to share information and experiences.

Thanks much


Hi, Steve. Didi you find any beekeepers in Bangkok?
I need to get a swarm removed. It would be a great start for a new hive,
as there must be a queen in there.


Hi Alan,
I have not found any bee keepers in Bangkok. I am focused in Chiang Mai. My bees are doing very well now. Ill harvest next month.
Where are you located Alan? I’d like to meet and chat.




I live in Chumphon province near Lang Suan on the beach. I’m ready to start but need to find a new queen excluder as the one it came with is for the European honey bee. Does anyone know where I can find one or what size holes are best so I can make my own… ?


Hello Steve - My name is Neil and I am located in Hangdong ( Kad Falang area approx. ) on 1 rai and am looking at getting my first hive etc. and was wondering where you purchased you beehive etc. in CM ?


Hello Neil,

Thanks for contacting me. I know of two places to get bees and equipment.
The first place is called “Fora Bee” and it is located on the CM Lumphun
road in Saraphi. It is a big operation with a bee statue out fron and it is
located on the east (Southbound) side of the highway. They have everything
you need to get started. I have bought equipment and supplies from them.
There is a retail store that sells bee products, It is also a depot for
local bee farmers to bring there bulk produce for distribution. I am going
there tomorro (Thursday) I’ll pick you up in Hang Dong if you’d like to tag
along. My phone number is 080 804 1899.

The second place is out side of town in San Kamphaneg district located just
near Wat Rong Wua Daeng. The name is “Viriya Farm”.This is a one man
operation which is closer to where I have my bees . The guy has years of
experience and is happy to sell bees / wooden hives and frames. He is a
little bit cheaper than the commercial place in Saraphi, and a nice guy to
get info from.

I have been at it almost a year now and the entire experience has been
wonderful; even the bee stings and accompanying fever have been
educational. Call me if you want to go with me. I can pick you up in Hang
Dong. my phone number is 080 804 1899.



Thanks Steve

Yes - I will take you up on your offer.

I will call you this morning.

My contact number is 0805656951.



Good morning Neil, I can meet you at Big C Hang Dong at 8:30. OK?



Fora-Bee in Saraphi does not have hives to accomodate Apis cerana (Asian bees). Fora-Bee deals in Apis Melifera (Western or European honeybees) only. In any case, The equipment they have is specific for one kind of bee.

I am unclear on Apics Cerana versus Thai “Min” bees. I believe they are not the same, but in conversations with staff at Fora-Bee there was confusion on who is talking about which species and if they are in fact a different species, Justin may be able to clarify.

They tell me that the “Min” bees - the small stingless, dark mini bees will not use the standard langstroth hives, they prefer to use old, rotted out Coconut tree trunk sections for a home. I have seen these tree trunks with an entrance hole bored in, but only as curiosities, not as functioning hives. They also told me that these bees are not sold commercially and they will either come to you or you can hunt them and capture them yourself. These “Min” bees are very small, and their comb is so small that they would not be any good as honey or wax producers, but may be helpful for pollination.

Good luck,



Hi Steve - thank you for finding out that information - it saves me a trip, I was going yesterday until informed it was a public holiday.
Sorry for my slow response I only check email periodically.
From my ongoing internet bee study - I have established Apis.cerana would require a Top Bar hive, otherwise they are known to abscond quite quickly, which is their nature as a less agressive bee.
The other issue for me is the spraying of mosquitos which happens periodically - I am located alongside houses, so I assume my bee colony would suffer greatly - I need to investigate more.
Also I am currently looking at an alternative honey bee the stingless bee - I found a good website that has very interesting youtubes concerning these little bees.
Hives are very small, new interesting hive design, not a lot of management of colonies required etc.
The downside is they can get into very small openings - keep away from the house.
They also recommend a tree called “Dombeya spectabilis” which flowers over the dry season reducing the requirement for sugar water feeding.
I will give a phone call soon to discuss.


Hi Steve - just to clarify.
My mentor “Mr Google” tells me
Apis.florea is “Min”
The Apidea group of small Stingless bee’s
are known as “Chanrong”