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Beekeeping Club help needed in Koh Samui - Thailand


I am new to beekeeping and am looking for help with essentials in Thailand particularly Koh Samui. I am looking for bees and to develop this into a small show case of beekeeping and really need help. Leave a message and I will contact you for a chat.


If you manage to find someone in Koh Samui who can help, I will love to hear more. I am currently in a facebook group of Beekeeping in Cambodia. The people there will any questions. Keep in touch.


Hi there, I am wondering which bee you will use the local cerana or European
In fact is anyone using apis miliferra on Koh samui.
Do you know if it’s possible to obtain apis millifera on samui
My brother has a flow hive on Koh Tao and was wondering which bee to use there
Any information would be great
How are you going with your project, I wish you all the best


Hi Lim,
I haven’t managed to find any bee keepers yet, though I am in touch with Big Bee company in Phuket and Pattaya, and from time to time they have bees for sale, we are hoping to get our first Flow hive later in the year. I will keep you updated later.


Hi, I spoke to the someone at http://www.thaihoney.com/index.php and they told me they have bees for sale from their Pattaya farm. We haven’t started yet, way too little knowledge and we are hunting an experienced bee keeper locally. If I have more knowledge I will share with you.


Thank you Bryan, I am afraid to start with the same reason as yours. Also, I need to make sure I have more blooming flowers first. Do keep me updated please.


Hi there I am a hobbyist bee keeper in NZ (9 hives) I’m in Koh Samui for another week. Would love to help out if you still have questions. Happy to talk bees all day long


Hi There
Sorry I missed the chance to connect with you.


Hi Bryan, I stay on Koh Samui & interested in Bee Keeping. I have already bought a Bee Hive and would like to source some bees. I wonder if you were able to start your Bee Keeping interest and I will be grateful if you are able to assist.


Did you get the bees?

I have 10beehives in Australia and will be in Koh Samui on Nov 19th 2018.

Do you want a hand?