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Bee Leaving the Hive with Pollen


Question; I noticed a few bees leaving the hive today with their pollen sacks filled. I wonder why they did not deposit the pollen before heading back out?


You managed to come up with a new question! Without a photo to show the number of bees leaving with pollen, I can only venture to guess.
If there was frantic flying outside the hive with many bees leaving with pollen your hive could experiencing invader bees robbing the pollen. Or when a hive swarms they load up with all the honey and pollen they can carry to help them travel on their way. I know, neither scenario is ideal.
Did you see bees fighting at the entry? That is a sign of robbing too.
Have you looked into the hive to see it there are fewer bees?
If you can, post a photo.


It says I am new and cannot post photos but I left a link to the video. Not sure I will use this forum much if I cannot post photos.


I like your video! And your top bar hive is fantastic! No, there was no robbing and you had plenty of bees :slight_smile: So I don’t know why that crazy girl left with pollen still in her baskets. Bottom line is, bees will do what they want. All we can do is observe and guess. You have begun a wonderful journey​:sunflower::honeybee:
** I find it interesting that I can upload photos but not videos while it is the opposite for you! Videos are better👍🏻


Thanks much! We had a storm this morning and the girls were still out and bringing in pollen. It made me happy :slight_smile: I guess you can supply a link for a video but I am still too new to the forum to upload pics. Thanks again!


Give it a little time and you will be able to. The forum software releases holds on stuff like that automatically after you have been active.

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