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Bee Photographs


oɹ ɔoɹqᴉɔnlɐǝ ᴉɟ ʎon lᴉʌǝ poʍunupǝɹ :upside_down_face:
That’s why we don’t use those big words in Australia


:heart_eyes: WOW
@busso how did you get upside down text? Other than just typing while you are upside down?


Crickey you guessed in one, nothing gets past you. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sorry, nothing so dramatic. Just went to http://www.fliptext.org web site, typed in what I wanted and copy and pasted the upside down text. :upside_down_face:




Hi Anyone recommend a universal camera kit for smart phone, would like to use to take pics of the bees and other stuff.


Not sure what you mean here. All the smart phones have cameras in them…don’t they?
Unless you mean infra red and then the Flir one pro stands out. Shortly they will have the micro USB port for android and when they do I will be treating myself to one.


Hi Busso

Sorry for the confusion but the above link is an example of what I was looking at.

I have now bought one just hoping it is good, this is mainly to take close up pics of the bees.


(: ǝɯosǝʍɐ ossnq@ :honeybee:


Bees collecting supplies on lemon-scented tea tree ( leptospermum pertersonii). I haven’t seen bees on tea tree flowers on mainland Tasmania before.


How pretty @Dan2 !! The flowers look a lot like blackberry blossoms - what sort of fruit do tea trees make?


Mine make little hard round black berries, about 1/4" diameter. However, mine are a different Leptospermum, so @Dan2’s may well have different fruit.


-there is an essential oil obtainable from the leaves, They smell amazing when crushed. I once read that they were used as a soap substitute in the old days to wash clothes.


Interesting pictures and thanks for sharing! I’m learning so this sort of photography helps! :smiley:


She looks like a fighter plane ready for take off! I love this picture it’is amazing how much pollen she has gathered. :smiley:


a short lived succulent feast;


Beautiful pictures are been uploaded.


A balmy Monday afternoon at the watering hole catching up on the buzz.


New homes are ready and painted for my bees arrival. The bottom two boxes can be changed without breaking the picture :slight_smile:


Mine too got a make over after winter! My new hive got round 1 of painting. Yours is beautiful! I tried my hand at flowers but I’m no good at it. :smiley: Lots of artistic hives out there. Yours are beauties. :smiley:


Thank you Martha. You can always download flower pictures online and trace them onto your hive. I done some freehand drawing on tracing paper and also looked for inspiration online. It’s easier if you don’t draw freehand onto hive as it can be difficult to rub off any excess pencil marks. Other option is to use stencils which are also readily available on internet. Good luck and look forward to pictures!