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Bee Photographs


Checking out the chickens and the new queen!


Nice queen, where did she come from?


She came from our local supplier Triad Bee Supply. They get them from a place in Georgia. So she has a thick southern buzz.


LOL :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


Unusual hot weather for April in South Australia 3 days over 35C. Bees in Hakea laurina on next street over from hive location. Just a short hop for a feast.


Video of same Hakea


I love the first picture
“Let me out! “


Wow! That flower is beautiful and the bees look like pole vaulters squeezing in to the postal of the flower. Thanks for sharing!


Had a visitor under my hive! Had to relocate though :neutral_face:


The grevillea I planted in the apiary is now providing both a beautiful display and food for the bees.


WOW and the flower is amazing!



(Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?) What the heck does that mean?


@Dan2 what a fabulous photo, you should enter it in an art show!!


A great photo @Dan2, grevillea is so often overlooked as a favorite of the bees. That photo should be in a book.



None of these are my photos, and none of them are Apis mellifera, but they are all gorgeous to my eye:


This is a picture from my “pollinator patch”. The bee is on purple tansy that just started to flower out.


That is a great photo Tim and well focused on the bee.


Have been busy and haven’t checked in for awhile. My bees swarmed (I caught them) and now I have two hives. I inspected yesterday to find two beautiful queens and thought I would share their pic.


This little lady was hanging out with the goats.