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Bee Photographs


I hope this helps Skeggly


How are you going to fit the FH2 in there Martha!
Beautiful green neighbourhood there, picket fences and all, so Merican, noice.


The flow 2 doesn’t have to go in there. Got its own hivestand, so Martha has choices in placement.


What, two apiary’s? Strewth surely not!
I’ve gotta say though I’m not a fan of the cinder block stands…


I too dislike the cinder blocks. I’m working towards a more visually appealing apiary. So, when flow2 stands are available I will put them all on it since I will have 3 flow hives. However, I have raccoons and opossums crossing through my yard and heavy rains splash soil up over a foot. I want to keep the girls dry too.


What’s wrong with my cinder blocks??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can I ask why the floors are on metal legs?


Nice bee yard and cinder block artwork @Dawn_SD , looks like you have a few aussie trees about in the back ground. :australia: :evergreen_tree: :us:


Thank you, Anthony @liteceeper! :blush: The hive is near a pre-school (about 200 m away), so I wanted the hive base to be pretty and kid-friendly. So far in almost 3 years, no complaints about the bees from the school (they knew and agreed before we installed them).

I believe the trees are ironbarks. Very messy, but when they bloom, the bees are in heaven. Have to be careful with a smoker though - the leaves are pretty flammable.


The new base board of the flow hive 2 has the option of long screw in metal legs. You can adjust them to level your hive in any terrain, and you can smear grease on them to deter ants.
Makes the new flow hive totally self sufficient. No need for cinder blocks or anything.
Can’t post a pic yet, still tung oiling all the cedar bits to perfection.


Ah, thank you for that.
If you have a concrete base I guess that makes sense.


A flat paver under each foot would do. The ant deterring would of cause only be efficient if no grass or weeds grew to touch the hive.


The middle hive get’s the flow hive 2 :smiley: and when I can obtain flow hive stands and will redo the whole look of things. :smiley:


@Dawn_SD & @Faroe
Jeff thought of you both when he saw this photo of our grandson. He got stung yesterday in our drive way when !

he was with his uncle. He said grandma the bee bombed me. Grandma told him what to do in future when a bee goes to bomb him. He is still smiling, my brave boy.
[daniiels%20bee%20sting|375x500] (upload://6w907DnoILPmPhDo3GT40Dxd8xS.jpeg)
cheers Wilma


Very sweet young man. I am proud of him too, coz I know what it feels like. :heart_eyes:


He looks a little resigned to having been stung. Brave young fella.


Now that’s a rad little dude! :sunglasses: Hang tough, Daniel :call_me_hand:


He now wants a bee hive. Proud grandma.


Oh dear. At least he’s still smiling. What was Wilma’s advice?


After no rain for almost 8 weeks, we received over 7 inches of rain in two weeks (during the driest month of the year in North Texas). Did wonders for the Texas Sage bushes - might be the only thing that is providing any nectar & pollen. The bees are tickled lavendar!