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Bee Photographs


I don’t see any Flow hives there.


I just bought the flow frames and built my own supers.


That’s a bangin’ setup, nice work!!


“spring” in the southern hemisphere.


Second photo is hibiscus? :blush:


Hi Dawn… I think it is a type of camellia but could be wrong. I could be imagining it but they seem to have larger flowers this year. That heavy day of rain might have wet soil not moist for years…


Definitely a camellia, and a very showy one at that! Looks like a bee magnet!


Does anyone know what this plant is?


Looks much like Indian Hawthorne (Rhaphiolepsis indica). Ignore the blue colored plant in the image, the link is not showing the correct photo:


Hi Dawn, I’ve never heard of that plant, but Google images doesn’t convince me that it is. I have re-posted the image (at a higher resolution) so if you click on it it twice it will expand to give more detail. Thanks


I stick with my opinion, but I am often wrong. :blush: The leaves vary a lot between different varieties (some are rounded, some are lanceate and some are serrated), so they don’t help much. The flowers look pretty typical. Please let me know what you find out. :wink:


Perhaps viburnum tinus?


Laurustinus (Viburnum tinus) maybe?


snap :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


It does develop a blackish berry some time after flowering too and some Google images show that …

It is funny - when I searched for the Indian Hawthorn, the site said, “You might also be interested in these” and one of the photos was of the viburnum. Any further opinions welcome!


Looks like a good match guys. Well done @liteceeper and @Dan2 . :blush:


To be honest @Dawn_SD I use an app on my phone Pl@ntNet took a photo of computer screen photo Dan posted and bingo :grin:


What app were you using? There’s a few around. I’ve tried a couple and weren’t that impressed. Mind you, I was trying to identify various Australian native plants in the bush…


@SnowflakeHoney it’s called PlantNet, it has been OK depends on what project you search under, I use the Useful plants as I’m in suburbia and it deals with ornamentals


Thanks :slight_smile: