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Bee Space management and honey I think I'm missing the boat somehow

I suspect that a lot of virgin queens don’t make it back to the hive than we think. I’m not sure there is a relationship between the size of a hive and a queen successfully mating and returning to take up residence. When I have done a spit the queen-less hive most makes a new queen but there are the odd times I have had to add fresh frames of brood and I tend to think the queen that had previously been made probably fell victim to other wildlife. I have two species of birds that come for a feed at my apiary, but I see it as just the circle of life.
I think it is very important once a queen is introduced to leave the hive alone to have the queen hopefully accepted and laying. Too much checking can put the colony into a stressed situation. Time to sit back, relax and give nature time to work. Time to have a wine and enjoy what you are doing.
Cheers Martha

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