Add a brood box or split?

New beekeeper here. I have a Flow hive with two brood boxes and a third with the Flow frames. There are bees on every frame in every box. The comb is completely built up. Last weekend I saw an empty queen cup which I removed (maybe I shouldn’t have). My question is do I need to think about adding another brood box or splitting the hive?

Empty queen cups are nothing to worry about. It’s when you see queen cups that have been lengthened, that you need to be concerned. It all depends on the time of season that you are in as to whether you should take swarm control measures.

Thank you, that makes me feel better.

I’m in the same boat with 2 brood, 1 flow super. Brood boxes super full, they’re walking on but not storing in the flow frames yet. Some empty queen cells as welll, in the brood boxes. My second year, I feel like they took to the flow frames easier last year.

I have another empty hive I bought, hoping to catch a swarm. No takers yet, but I too have wondered about splitting.

Well they decided to swarm this morning.

Aww. Were you able to catch the swarm? :sweat:

Looked around for almost an hour, couldn’t locate it.