Split required?

Hi all,
My flowhive is going really well. I’ve harvested about 2 weeks ago and the the flow frames are already full again!! Should I split the hive or just get another honey suer or a brood box?! Any help? I’m happy for someone to come and give me a hand with a split if required.

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Hiya Beeman, sounds to me like another harvest could be on for you! Are the cells at 90% capped already? It would be worth a check to see if even one or two frames can be emptied ASAP to give your bees more room for the strong nectar flow that’s apparently on in your area.

I’d also wonder if there are any swarm preparations being made in your brood box. Probably a good idea to check in on that too :+1:


Thanks for your help, so I’ve harvested the flow frames and inspected the hive. Doesn’t seem to be any preparation for a swarm but it’s very very crowded. Should I be adding another brood box or super?

I’m on the Sunny Coast, if I saw a brood box that was “very very” crowed, I wouldn’t hesitate to do a split at this particular time of season. Do your bees have access to the roof? If they did, & you saw an increase of bees occupying the roof cavity, to me that would be an indication that it’s time to split the hive.

If your bees don’t have access to the roof, I would remedy that.

If you’re going to split the colony, it’s best to do a reemptive swarm control split rather than wait for the colony to start swarm preparations.


PS, I wouldn’t add another brood box or super. I like a 1 brood / 1 super configuration for ease of working the hives.