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Bee Species - A list


Would be great to have a country by country list of bee species available.

In Australia we have:

  • Italian (apis mellifera ligustica)
  • Caucasian (apis mellifera caucasica)
  • Carniolan (apis mellifera carnica)
  • European Dark (apis mellifera mellifera)




European Dark

They all have different traits useful for the conditions of your local area, how do you decide on which species to buy or adapt your existing colony to?

What kind of bees do you have in Australia?
Global Bees in the Hive

I am guessing you want to check with other local Beekeepers to see what kind do best in our area?


A local source for bees is usually best. They will already be accustomed to the weather, environment. and forage plants in your region.


@Gayle That makes sense. Now just to connect with the local people.