Global Bees in the Hive

As we are a global community of Beekeepers, I would like to know more about different species of bees people have in their hives.

I found two somewhat comprehensive lists of the different bees found around the globe.
What bees are you using and why? Let’s talk!

One day, I hope to get Greek bees or Carniolan bees.

Here’s a couple interesting websites on bee types:

I put a little list here with some pictures. I like the idea of having different bee species, we are pretty limited in Australia and due to our isolation have some of the purest bees in the world, i.e. the Ligurian (Italian) and Caucasian
Unfortunately, there are no russian or buckfast bees here. There is currently a lot of work being done to keep out the Asian Bee (apis cerana) from Asia which is host to another variety of varroa.


Let’s not forget that honeybees are imports to America. There are native bees, too.

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I saw a special on Netflix about a Swiss beekeeper who rears pure queens and they showed them taking these queens to the post office to mail them to those who ordered them around the world. I thought that was interesting and would consider ordering some unique bees from Europe in the future for my 2 Flow Hives that I ordered. It got me thinking about how many different types of bees are out there, so that’s why I posted this topic.

I’m Greek and Austrian and still have family and visit both countries yearly. I fantasize about bringing a Greek queen/bees as well as an Austrian queen/bees home with me through customs. I’m sure they would love that. I need to study your chart on the particular bees used in those regions…great chart.

Can you do that? Bring in bees from other countries. We can’t do it here, very strict customs. Even Johnny Depp’s dogs are being kicked out of the country as we speak, he thought he could just bring them over on his private jet. Customs threatened to put them down. Scary stuff!

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Lol, yes…I saw that one the news. When you’re a big star, I guess rules don’t apply. I hope that they don’t put the dogs down because of his arrogant behaviour.

I don’t know the particulars of shipping bees, but that is what they showed in the documentary. The must’ve had 100 boxes of bees (if I recall correctly) they brought to the PO, so it must be possible. AUS is very strict with good reason, so maybe its just not allowed on your country.

Here is the documentary:

Think you’re right Becky, its ok to import to the U.S. but not Aus, thousands of bees are exported to California for the almonds each year. Oh, Johnnies dogs are Ok, they are on a plane home… It was quite funny

Ha! I heard it here first. Good that the dogs are coming home, but you guys can keep the owner… :dog:

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I don’t like Carnies. They are very swarmy, preferring to make bees rather than honey and for this reason are popular with the nuc producers. They are however docile and popular with beginners here in the UK.
I love my Buckfast,quiet, great honey producers and tend not to swarm as much as the Carniolan.


I’ve heard good things about Buckfast. I wonder if I can get them in the US.

I’m eyeing buckfast for my hive as well. I have no idea how reputable any of these guys are but here are a couple that I have bookmarked.

$18 here.

No price here but sell 3# package Buckfast(out of stock)

Here a hybrid of buckfast and italian.

Hey thanks, I was just going to order a new queen on Tuesday. You saved me the effort of searching folks out for that Buckfast. I appreciate it!

I do not buy bees, but the Weavers in Texas have been around forever. Of course this is Texas and there are those who are totally neurotic about Africanised bees, but you should be fine.

Hi all,
First of all, I’m new to beekeeping,
According to what I know (especially from beekeeping book and agriculture magazine), here in Indonesia we have:

  1. Apis dorsata
  2. Apis florea (expert say this one is smallest honey bee in Indonesia)
  3. Apis mellifera, known as superior honey bee/ lebah unggul (Italian, Carniolan, and Caucasian, that come from Australia since 1970, although until now, most of us have difficulty to distinguish it)
  4. Apis koschevnikovi (Lived in Kalimantan & Sumatera Island, new)
  5. Apis cerana (known very resistance to many diseases & pest)
  6. Trigona sp. (although not a honey bee, this species is quite popular in Indonesia right now, they said it will produce high amount of propolis that can be sell at very high price)

Beekeeper from Indonesia, generally use mellifera, cerana, and Trigona sp.


First time I am hearing of Apis Koschevnikovi. What is the honey yield.

Hi, currently I don’t have any specific data about Apis Koschevnikovi . .
But according to some honey bee books that I read in Indonesia, the honey yield of Koschevnikovi is relative low,
even if you compared with the Apis Cerana . . that is the reasons why people who lived in Kalimantan or Sumatra Island, don’t used this species.

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