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Bee swarm takes over a town in Britain


Sensationalism at its best. A town taken over by bees, the sky was black. Yet no-one was stung, maimed or eaten alive! And look, the sky is still blue!



I missed this on the news this morning. At our Bee meeting last night we were splitting the hives to prevent this.

They are blaming new bee keepers and Hobbyists. TBH I think they were just looking for a good story.


I don’t understand how they can say "terrifying 15 minute attack by millions of stinging bees."
Was anyone stung?
Were bee’s just doing as nature intended and looking for a home? But people are so disconnected from nature that they see everything as an attack, or to do with them?


lol and in the video “3 bees got into the office”! Yes @Faroe the story and video sharply outlines a disconnect from nature. Yet I thought I heard awe or amazement in the person’s voice on the video.


I thought you would find it amusing…


I hope the local beekeepers grab this opportunity to educate the town residents. The bee experience surely fascinated a few who would want to learn more about the wonder of bees. Yes, they should use humor to get people to listen. Of course the British would know this :smile: