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Sad Story - Massive (uneducated) Bee Kill


This happened in South Carolina where authorities needlessly sprayed and did not follow their own protocols causing devastation to local beekeepers.


What a disgrace😡 As if bees are not in enough trouble as it is😡


Really horrific. Such a huge heads up that we all should take heed of - we all need to make ourselves & our bees known & heard by county officials. Going to make calls today too Cowgirl!! Sincere thanks for this Bobby :mask::skull::sweat:


It’s not just bees that would be affected either, I imagine local water sources would be tainted, & anything that drank from them potentially. The fact that it was registered & in use since 1959 tells you a lot about how up to date their thinking is, if nothings changed since then?
It’s an indescribable waste. I hope they are made to compensate the beekeepers, not because it’s easy to just replace the bees (its not, it would be heartbreaking) but it’s often the only language these organisations understand, economics, may make them change their approach.


Many of you know already this, but for those of you that do not take heed. Your local governments and government agencies and even your neighbors will do what ever they need to protect their own and their constituents safety. Whether or not it is necessary. Often, it is done for the “optics” - look at us, we did a good thing. Other times it is done out of an overabundance of caution. Mostly though it is done out of ignorance and fear.

My local school board - a school board - began unannounced spraying last spring on all the school properties in the county to “prevent zika.” If it weren’t for the massive fear mongering PR campaign of the pest control company that was doing the spraying, none of us would have been the wiser, we’d just have dead bees.

Thankfully, we were able to take action and put a stop to it.


You might be interested in signing this petition re banning pesticides harmful to bees in US



Thank you Kirsten! I’m forwarding this to the rest of my friends too, cheers :honeybee::rainbow:


No problem I think everyone should sign it, ultimately affects world over