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Beekeepers & Arthritis


Over the years I’ve been told that beekeepers don’t develop arthritis on account of the bee stings. Is that a fact or a myth?


A bit hit and myth! :smirk:


I don’t know about any hard research being done, but my dad, and uncle who were commercial beekeepers in the 80’s had stories about an elderly rice farmer letting them hold their hives over on her land in exchange for being able to use the bees for stings to help with arthritis. There is certainly enough anecdotal reports of it being true to dismiss it completely.


I know a lot of beekeepers with arthritis so it does not prevent it. Most agree that it feels better for a few days after a sting… a sting anywhere. It seems to create some anti inflammatory response.


they are doing some scientific trials now to see how bee venom works etc… it was only on the news last week…

but people react differently to it than others… if I get stung it just aches for a while… the mrs on the other hand, swells up… in fact… last week she got stung on the eyelid when I was inspecting the hive… went inside to get the stinger out and couldn’t so came back outside and got stung again on that eyelid…LOL

but over a day or two it swelled up so much it closed her eye and she had to have a week off work!!

she was given two different drugs till they found one that started to bring the swelling down again…


Wow, that wasn’t good, I dare say she’ll be keeping her distance from now on.


just a matter of putting on a veil when opening the Hive…

and understanding that they will go for the eyes - other bees will sting where one has stung already - bees are trying to protect their brood - standing with your back to the sun looking like a dark bear or something will attract defensive bees…


Yes Andrew, that’s for sure, actually I was recently reading that the bees go for the face mainly because of the carbon dioxide we breathe out. They target the carbon dioxide. I always thought that bees got upset when I breathe over them because of my bad breath. But it must be the carbon dioxide I’m blowing on them.


myth, I’m sure. I’ve been blessed with RA & DeGen JointA for years. No amount of raw honey I eat helps.


Hi Tony, what you need is lots & lots of bee stings, just kidding.


Some people do that. Guy I know got himself stung 19 time one day, all controlled of course, but I don’t think it worked very well.


Yes, I agree, a lady that was badly crippled with arthritis got some bees off me to sting herself hoping for a cure, I don’t think it worked for her either. Sadly people will virtually try anything, hoping for a cure. Some people travel half way around the world to be prayed for by faith healers in hope of cures.