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Gonna have to quit beekeeping!


Unfortunately I’m going to have to give up beekeeping and have my bees collected after my second year!

So what happened?

Well on Sunday after I was stung, for I believe the 4th time ever, this time on my face. Prior to this the 3 times I was stung I probably had a mild / strong local reaction on my legs, localised swelling, soreness etc. This time I was not actually inspecting the bees, just nearby so did not take precautions with smoking, hood etc.

This time however it was far from what I experienced before. My eyes have been nearly closed since Sunday, swollen face, impacted eyesight and generally feeling rotten. I went to the GP and he suggested that this was time to call it a day rather than risk Anaphylaxis the next time. I’ve been weighing up the pros/cons/risks etc, and I’ve decided to take the medical advice. It would seem I have a bit of an allergy I was not aware of.

What a shame, I was just starting to feel more confident too.

At least it was an interesting few years!

The question I have, I would like to try and re-coop my costs.

Does anyone know what a 1 year old good condition flow hive/box would be worth in Australia?


Do you have the WRC or pine version and what part of Aus are you in ?



It’s WRC, with the early sponsor text burnt on.


Oh, and I’m in Melbourne


Mwlbourne is too far from me, Sydney would be closer. I would think that if it is the complete flow hive with 6 flow frames, you should get VERY close to your money back considering it would be full of bees as well. The WRC in Australia are currently out of stock and have a retail of $950.

Pity that your not in Sydney & good luck


Ask your doctor about desensitising shots.
They work and you can carry on beekeeping.