Beekeeping Basic Essentials - What do you need?

OK I changed the document extension type to XLS and it seems to work. Someone with Microsoft needs to test to see inf the Min - in text red has worked? - I put a formulae to highlight the cheapest

I’m an Open Office sorta guy! :blush:

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Drop box doesn’t want to know Open office - you could download the file and change the extension back to ODS from XLS - Just rename the file - let me know if it works

Loads into Open Office OK, just need to adjust column widths.

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Enjoy! Does the min function on the red column work?

Looks OK. What is the column to the right of that?

Just had a good look through your list as I have a number of these items already… got to the bottom and saw the total… YIKES! … but its OK, I would only need to sell 430 jars of honey break even… haha… blow me down, looks like we’re in for the long haul…

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Yeh my initial out lay has taken wings LOL

That is what I went with so as for double entry accounting that row and what I have spent adds up - just picks up any anomalies

Downloaded it just now. Thanks! I use LibreOffice (fork of OpenOffice) anyways so all is good for me :smile:

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So I am in Wisconsin USA and considering the complete Full Flow Hive. I appreciate I have to buy the hive, shipping and of course I have to buy some bees from up north. But does this spreadsheet I opened suggest that for an amateur hobby beekeeper (just doing it for fun and some great honey) I actually need to buy over 1,500 pounds ($2,300) to run one hive or is this sheet for a production beekeeper? Please tell me my dream isn’t dead at the bank already. Thank you!

I don’t know what is on your spreadsheet, but while, as with any avocation or hobby, you can go hog wild getting all the cool toys, it is very possible to keep bees for very little.

The Flow hive solves one of the more expensive and space consuming items, the extractor and extraction.

No reason to spend more than 1k to get a flowhive and the basics of what you need to set up your bees! You should have change from that bill.

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@scarpwi My spread sheet was a comparison of various availabilities and companies, some things are duplicated or serve the same purpose.

This wan an exercise in working out the best deal for various items. Some smaller items where cheaper elsewhere. I was able to compare and work out what equipment I got and from where.

Hello everyone,

I am embarking on this quest to raise bees. Goal is to be a hobbyist and produce some honey. Eventually expand a little and sell the production to community and abroad.

Do I absolutely need a brood box to get started?

Will a colony stay in a light flow frame and grow?

How many bees do I need to order or do I need to order bees? I cant imagine bee’s just moving in like a bird house, but we have a lot of agriculture where I am at and there are bee boxes all over the place…
Any information and suggestions are very welcomed…:smile:

Hi Bob,
If you ordered a Full Flow Frame kit then it comes with brood box. If you ordered the Light Flow option then you will need to get yourself a couple of hive bodies. One for the bees and brood, the other for the Flow frames which will need some modifications.
If you are a newbie, I would suggest you find a local beekeeper to mentor you or join a club in your area, Ordering bees comes in several forms and you’ll need to find one to suit your needs. Have a look through the Basic Beekeeping Essentials here for advice and also take a look at Michael Bushs website for a run through in beekeeping.

Thank you very much…I kind of figured that a brooder was required to sustain the hive… I am a newbie and want to get into this…eco friendly and a for a good cause…we all enjoy flowers, fruit, and foods… bees are a primary contributor for this all to happen…

We’re here to help Bob, so ask us anything.

I am like Bob in WI, need info tailored to being a hobbyist with the Full Flow Hive Frame.
What are the recommended supplies?
When we buy bees, do we buy with the nucs?
Help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @wahoo, if you look at the very top of this post, there is a list of the recommended supplies. I would also recommend taking you time reading through much of this category (Beekeeping Basic Essentials). And in particular to your query:

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Thanks for the reply Rodderick. I understand the “seek and ye shall find” philosophy, however much of what is out there it is not clear what applies to owners of the full flow hive. So anyone else who might be able to help:
What are the recommended supplies?
When we buy bees, do we buy with the nucs?