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Beekeeping in cold climes

I’m holidaying in Japan atm. Actually snowboarding with my sons and it’s great fun. (Although a little hard to keep up) Looking at all the snow around it just reminds me of the ideal beekeeper life some of us have on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I subscribe to a Canadian beekeeper on YouTube and -20° is a barmy day. Phew! We’re in a beautiful country.


A little update on the aftermath of my holiday. Coming home I was keen to do some checks on my hives. Feeling tired (cannot sleep on planes) after 28hrs of travel I though I’d leave it for 48hrs. In that time I came down with a bug that had me thinking the worst. Turned out to be Influenza A which has knocked me for a six and out. At least it didn’t have me isolated for 14 or more days. Well, my bees will just have to wait a little longer. If I know them, they’ll keep on keeping on.