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Hello from Toronto, Canada



I haven’t been beekeeping long, about 1 year.
Got introduce to beekeeping in Australia, now looking to use that knowledge(limited as it is)
to start a hive or 3 in Canada



Welcome Chef Marshal, I hear that beekeeping in Canada is tough in winter.

Do you have to do anything to get your bees through the cold winters?



Hello @kiwimana

I have only been beekeeping in Australia, I moved to Australia for work.

I really loved it so i wanted to continue beekeeping in Canada. So i don’t really know the details of Canadian beekeeping. that is part of the reason i am joining beekeeping forums looking for some help



Oh I see, I bet its going to very different from Australia.

We interviewed a guy called “Robin Bedard” on our podcast about his beekeeping in Quebec.

See if you can get in touch with him and he may be able to give you some pointers.

He is a succesful commercial beekeeper and he over winters his hives every year.

You can listen to our interview here:-
Chat with Robin Bedard from Canada


Thanks a lot i will check it out.

haha i bet it will very different too.