Beekeeping with Asian Hornet Presence

I thought of starting this thread as the treat starts to become more real here in the UK, beekeeping will be practices will have to adopt to tackle the pest.

This year alone over 50 nests have been destroyed, and my apiary in Essex/London is coming very close to where the Asian hornet nest are found. It is a matter of time when it certainly takes over.

There is a french beekeeper who designed a trap that catches the Asian Hornet and allows the other insects to easily come our of the trap. I attached the link below for those who would be interested to look into this.

Site is in french use google to translate to the language you like.

If you are in the UK do report any sighting of the Asian hornet on the APP “Asian Hornet Watch” this helps alot the team to track the nest and destroy as many as possible.

There is also the electrical shock gadgets that have designed that can be placed around the apiary to catch the asian hornet, the more asian hornet queens trapped the less new nest would be formed.

I have started to monitor my colonies regular to see if their is any scout asian hornet hawking at the entrance of the hives.

Would love to hear from other fellow beekeepers facing this threat of what they are doing or Not.