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Bees attracted to neighbours at night

Hi there.
My neighbours have had some issues with bees going to their outdoor entertainment area at night.
They think it might be their light being an attractant, or a window?

I’m keen to avoid upsetting my neighbours, and am happy to move my hive on our block. Any suggestions as to best solution?

Hi Nathan,
Moving the hive may be the best solution.
As long as the bees can’t see the light source.
I have 3 hives next to my shed, the shed has 2 flood lights facing away from the hive.
Never had a problem with bees being attracted.
So, facing your hive away from the neighbours lights may also do the trick.
Let’s know how you get on.

Thanks George. Hopefully an easy fix.
I’ll update here.

Give the bees a TV to watch… works with the kids…