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Bees in the house

I have placed my hive next to my house. At night, I am getting bees coming into the house, and I’m not sure how. I thought bees would not fly at night. Anything I can do to keep the bees out of the house at night?

Switch off all the lights? That’s the trouble with siting bees next to a light source. They are attracted to it. I might consider moving it anyway. Bees can be a real nuisance right next to a human thoroughfare especially if they are tetchy for any reason.

Turn the entrance away from the night light source.


We have a nightly bee in our house… we call it “the next candidate for the stupidest bee in the world award”.

Yes we have a 1 square metre black screen attached to two star pickets about 1 metre in front of the entrance. Either use shade cloth or weed matting. Still get the occasionional bee but we just gently gather them with a feather duster and shake them off into the garden.

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