Bees Bearding On Landing Board

Decided to check on bees last night to see how they fair in the evening when the sun goes down. It’s was 90 degrees here in Charlotte, NC yesterday. If I’m correct, Bearding is also a good sign of a health hive. Along with keeping the hive at a certain temp for lava etc. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I read the same thing. I am in the Houston TX area, and mine were doing the same thing 2 days ago.
I also read that could mean over crowding and it is time to put your super on?

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@acowan2277. You are correct. However in my case I just install my first package last Thursday. I also have foundationless frames in them. :grinning:

Bearding can be a good sign of a healthy hive but can be a warning sign of an issue. With a 90F evening I would be considering that the colony could be overheating in the brood and so a lot of the bees have moved outside to reduce the heat inside the hive.
In that sort of temperature heat is more likely the problem than just a healthy hive.
I would consider adding some ventilation to the hive roof to allow hot air to escape out of the hive. I would also paint the hive roof white to reflect heat.
It could be a simple sign that the size of the colony when all the foraging bees have returned to the hive is too strong for the size of the hive, so needs a super added, but it can also be that the hive is too hot for their comfort so need at least better ventilation to help reduce the heat.

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Thank you as always @Peter48 for your response. Your response has been noted. :grinning: