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Bees buzzing in hair

Does anyone know about what to do when bees get caught in hair? From my experience the bees seem to go crazy in the hair, even if it’s just a little bit of arm hair. It feels like they are getting angry but I don’t think they are. Normally if they get out of their own accord or are gently helped out, they fly off and don’t look back.

Is this a technique that bees use for checking us out? i.e. deliberately threaten as they burrow into the hair to try to trigger a response and if they don’t get one, assume you aren’t a threat.

I find I have to suppress an impulsive response to react to the buzzing.

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Just ignore them and let them get them selves untangled - don’t react by trying to remove them.


Pulling hair is one of their defense mechanisms. They don’t usually accidentally get caught, they caught your hair on purpose and are pulling it. A comb in your pocket is helpful. I think they are angry, but they are not trying to sting, they are trying to pull your hair.



solution found.