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Bees eating hive paint


Just wondering if bees appearing to be eating the white latex paint by the hive entrance is a problem. At first I was not sure what they where picking on but two days later they had it down to bare wood. This does not seem to be normal to me. Any ideas?


Rusty Burlew of honeybeesuite.com has commented on this. She painted an entrance reducer. The bees objected and stripped it down to bare wood! :smile:

So I would say it is normal behavior. As many plants contain latex, or substances similar to latex (including avocado), I don’t think it will hurt the bees.

I wouldn’t worry about it.


Thanks. They are chewing on the side of the entrance that they seem to be using exclusively to lave and enter.


How large is your entrance? Do you have a reducer in? They may be trying to enlarge the entrance instead of stripping the paint specifically.


I took out the reduced 4 weeks ago.