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Bees Eyes and how they see Colour

This article is interesting.

I say again “Bees never cease to amaze”


Absolutely amazing and wonderfully impressive. Thanks @busso for posting the link.


Wonderful, always, to learn more about bees yes! but about drones, not so much…I’m generally very keen on flight technology, but the other day a drone flew over my back yard while I was sitting out there reading - it hovered & turned in place, obviously scoping things out - and zoomed away. Never felt so creeped out in my life!

He had been reading over your shoulder (don’t you hate that), didn’t like your taste in literature, let you know that, then flew away. :wink:

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Must train my bees to swarm these things!

:rofl: I thought it was a drone from your bee hive till I reread your post. Yes that is creepy. I believe its legal for you to shoot it down over your property. Tennis racket would do if the 45 magnum not handy. Our farmers use drones to monitor cropping, water points etc and are having trouble with Wedge Tail Eagles attacking and destroying drones (as well as injuring themselves).
I think teens probably playing and cheking if you are sunbathing.:sunglasses:

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I only have a 38 Magnum. The 45s are too heavy for me with a kick that I find uncomfortable. I must remember to keep it loaded, just in case. Oh, but then I would be hauled up by the cops :policeman: for discharging a firearm within 1,000 yards of the neighbours… :rage:

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Yep - I think I know whose ‘toy’ it was too…believe he saw the expression on my face when I looked up & that’s what caused the hasty retreat :triumph:

Must get back into practice with my slingshot :smirk:

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