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Poor Queens. Bee semen affects their vision it seems

An interesting read Alan, but if the queens vision is so affect that she is blind then how does she find the hive she has flown from? That a queen seems to find her way about the brood frames and will move to the shady side of a frame during an inspection makes me wonder just how much her eyesight is in fact effected but I suspect that she is blinded by the make seamen is an exaggeration. The queen can at least see well enough to avoid going into the queen marking cage.

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I only read part of it beause the study seems to be flawed to me. The queen more than likely mates with drones from other colonies. Plus the drones die in the process. So why would drones in the same hive blind the queen to stop her from mating with outside drones? I figure that the drones would be more interested in frequenting the DCA to try their luck there.