Sydney NSW Beekeepers - Who else is out there?

I am hoping I am not alone. Have been watching the Flow filling up with Paperbark honey these last few weeks. Anyone else seeing the same?

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Hey Rod,

I’m still waiting for my first harvest so it is taking the ladies a bit longer to draw out the frames etc. I haven’t looked at the hive for about 10 days now but have noticed that the paperbarks and orange blossom are firing at the moment, and the odd gum. I’ll be cracking the hive open on Sunday so I hope to see more capped honey than last time (about one frame total capped).

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Incidentally, I was coming through Harden on the weekend and there is a honey shop in the main street there so I stopped in and had a look. Some commercial beekeeper is selling out of there and you can sample all sorts of honey. Paperbark was not very nice at all; hope the girls find a mixture of other things to throw in the flow hive before harvest. Orange Blossum was nice but my favourite was Spotted Gum - absolutely sensational!!!

Hope you grabbed a jar of the Spotted Gum, it only flowers every 4-8 years. The smooth bark apples near me went off a treat last Nov/Dec and is a nice light honey. You are not the first to say that about paperbark honey, the other nectars in the mix will ensure that it comes up to scratch for you. It does candy rather quick meaning any honey over winter may go solid.
My brother has just got into beekeeping near Bulli, I am real keen to taste what the honey is like with so many varieties of plants up around the escarpment there.