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Bees in the Blue Mountains (NSW)


Hi Rob. I’m in Faulconbridge.


Really good spot. The mid mountains are really good for bees. I am in Woodford and the combination of gardens and bush gives the bees lots of forage.



Hi All,
Great thread. I’m new to bee keeping and would love to work with an experienced bee keeper in the Blue Mountains area to run hives on our property (50 acres near Blackheath). If interested, feel free to msg me 0427 278 224.


Welcome to the forum where you will find lots of advise and help for bee keeping and there are some members here from the Blue Mountains. Bee keeping is funny, no matter how much research you do before hand you suddenly realize there is so much more you don’t know. This is where the forum can offer so much help and support.


Hey @Kristy, I’m also in Faulconbridge! How’d you go getting your hives setup? Do you know of any other locals who are keeping bees?

My wife and I just moved in to a house that we’re care taking for a while - it’s got 3 active hives on vacant block of land next door (which we also look after). Unfortunately the hives haven’t been maintained and are pretty stuck together with wax but I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to use them to get some more hives going and lots of honey!


Hi James,

I’ve set up the hive and will get my bees this week sometime. How are your hives going?


One of the active hives seems to have swarmed at some point, the honey super is full of honey but the brood box is pretty much empty - bees just go in and out from time to time making it look active.

The other two are going pretty well! I’m hoping to put a 2nd honey super on one of them this weekend as there’s stacks of bees in it! I only managed to finally get the top off yesterday - they’ve all needed a fair bit of work and TLC to get to a point where I’ve been able to pry the tops off after years of being left alone.

I’ve got to work out how to extract all the honey, but that’s a job for a few weeks away.


I remember bending a hive too that didn’t look like freeing the hive lid on a hive that I was asked to look over and take care of for an elderly lady. I ended up using a spade to get the lid off. Two days to get the super frames out. Lots of cussing and sweat went into the hive but felt it worth the scones, jam and cream when it was done.
Guess you August Westerlies are over now and the wattle is giving pollen, watch for swarming and may you run short of jars for the honey.:grinning:


Sounds like lots of work coming up. If you haven’t been able to get the stack apart try a guitar wire between the boxes like a cheese cutter. Lift the box and if there is no brood in it put an excluder board under it. Once empty just take it inside and pull it apart. Clean up the frames, if you don’t have any gear I would just crush and strain to get the honey then set the box up with foundation and repeat the process till you have gone through all the boxes and cleaned up the brood boxes. After saying that, make sure you leave them any pollen and a store of honey.



If don’t happen to have one lying around, nylon fishing line or dental floss work pretty well too. :blush:


Another thought. If you get them down to a brood box with a fairly empty super with foundation you should have no problems. I live at Woodford and my girls are laying in plenty of nectar.