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Hi from Australia


Hi everyone. I am from Melbourne Australia and have had hives for several years but am still pretty much a novice. I have friends who tell me everything to do so this forum will be great. I can share my mistakes too. Looking forward to harvesting honey without classifying each rob by how many stings I get!!!


Hi I’m from Mullumbimby on the far North Coast of NSW. I’ve had a bees nest for 20 years in a camphor laurel tree and that’s about as much contact as I’ve had with beekeeping. I want to build my own hive and encourage bees from the camphor laurel to move in.


Hi All, I’ve never kept Bees before, but thought the Flow Hive was the best thing for a beginner.
I have got my nuc and building up the brood box in anticipation of receiving the Flow Hive.


Hi we have a property in Tasmania. I am a complete novice. Before I get my hives I wish to learn from you all. I am in a wheelchair so it will be interesting to see how I can have bees and look after them without help, ie how to check hives easily, what kind of stands, footings etc . Any tips are very welcome.


Hello to all,
I also from Melbourne, Australia. My family use to keep bees in suburban Box Hill in the 80’s and we would reap 80 kg of honey a year. Unfortunately our neighbours complained and we had to remove all 4 hives. Now that I am planning to move to the country I can’t wait to start this family tradition again. It’s been a long time but I am looking forward to the craft. I will join a local beekeepers club to make sure I get things right as well as use this forum to discuss issues.


Hello from Northern NSW. We have a 300 acre bush property between Kyogle and Lismore. It’s been in my partners family for several generations. His father kept bees on a small scale and taught me the ropes before he passed, but while we were away, someone decided, one day, to steal some of our frames of honey from each super and then knock all the boxes over(completely smashing two of them). By the time we returned all but a few straggling bees had gone. Since that disheartening event (my bees were my babies) I lost desire in starting all over because it truly is an investment and you give a piece of yourself to it. That was 2 years ago and the trauma of the loss has subsided now. I had recently been thinking in the back of my head that I might like to fashion some new boxes and start up again, and then this flowhive event happened and that was the little push I needed to try again. I hope this time all goes well. I joined this forum to get ongoing tips and info about our region. I am excited to have so many people involved in bees!!!


Hello From Sydney Suburbia
Have been keeping bees for only 18 months and it has been a joy.
My house adjoins a very large bushland reserve so the girls are very happy with the foraging. Hope to learn lots from the forum


I live on the Tilligerry Peninsula at Port Stephens. Looking forward to learning and sharing knowledge about bee keeping and getting my Flow Hive productive.

I have spoken to a local bee keeper on Nelson Bay Road who has lost a lot of hives to the small hive beetle. So looks like a lot of learning and hopefully not too much pain and frustration!

The Hunter Valley branch of the Australian Beekeepers Association appears to very active with their own web site and meets monthly at Newcastle Botanic Gardens. So, planning on attending May 24th meeting.

There is also a story on the local news web site Tillegerry.com about a local bee keeper moving from Temora and bringing 3 hive stands with him.

So, cannot wait to get started end of year.


Hi everyone,

Cormac from Canberra here, looking forward to giving the Flow hive a go - we currently have a Langstrogh and a Warre at our office apiary, some photos on the link below:

We also have a top-bar on the way, so we should have quite a variety of hives for the coming season :smile:


Hi Everyone,

I’m based in SE QLD and we live on just under two acres. I’ve been wanting to keep bees for quite a while but am very new to this. My husband kept bees as a teenager as a hobby with his father :smile:


Hi, I run the Mullumbimby bee group, you can join us here (closed group, I’ll add you once you request to join) https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mullumbimbees/


Look forward to some local ideas…support and info, I’m a total beginner from Rosebank.


Hi Sciencemaster, not sure you will be successful in getting existing bees to move in unless you get your hands in there and remove their brood and put this into your new box. What you could do is setup a bait hive with the intention of capturing any swarms that may emerge come spring.


Hi Universalpuzzle, you may need some assistance to lift off the Flow super and inspect the brood several times a year. Unfortunately there is no easy way, always best to inspect with 2 people of possible. The brood boxes and supers can be quite heavy and you may need more than one.


Nice little story Gumnuts, should be some good mentors in your area.


Hi Everyone,

I too am new to beekeeping and would like to be put in touch with a beekeeper north of Perth so I can start the process. Love the look of the Honeyflow and have access to a farm 50mins. north of Perth.



There are a couple beekeeping groups in and around Perth. have a look and see if one of these is close to you. You may need to make a couple of calls or emails.



Wow that was quick. Thanks Rodderick.


I hear of this type of vandalism from time to time, and with honey being a precious commodity it can be a target for thieves. I believe you can get lockable beehives or emlocks and you could also bolt the bottom board to a pallet or something heavy to prevent them from being kicked over. Not to mention there are some great high def video monitoring systems now (battery and movement activated) that are not expensive, all to make you feel at ease. Hope you can back into it, there would be some great tasting honey to be had up your way.


Hello from Eureka NSW… it is so exciting to think that we will have a new hive at the end of the year. as a novice but well read re having our own hive! we will be watching and learning from here on in…