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New to bee keeping - Inner West, Sydney


Hi all,

I’m 10 days in with a 10-frame hoop pine Flow Hive that I’ve colour-coordinated with our house using left-over paint. I’ve installed the hive on the skillion roof of our house as our backyard is microscopic and we have young kids. In hindsight I probably could’ve gotten away with the back yard as the bees seem very relaxed in my interactions with them so far.

I installed the nucleus last Thursday and everything seems to be going well so far, other than a few SHB.

Here are some pics (I have removed the flow super as the bees still have some work to do on the brood frames).

I’m really enjoying things so far and looking forward to learning more.

IMG_9032 IMG_9034 IMG_9030 IMG_9029 IMG_9033 IMG_9039


Hi Ethan, Welcome. Great setup you have there. Don’t want to be an alarmist but do your other frames have more brood and bees? Numbers seem a bit on the low side. Did you see any eggs in the empty cells which will be the next generation of bees? Got to keep the population cycling over.


Hi Rodderick,

I’m still getting my eye in on that and will report back at next inspection. It is a 10-frame box and I got a 5-frame nucleus. I had 3 pre-fab empty frames with comb starter (apologies for incorrect terminology) and 2 empty frames. The bees have taken well to 2 of the 3 pre-fab frames, ignored 1 completely and have also started work on one of the empty frames, again ignoring the other empty one for now.

I did about 8 days with the flow super off, put it on for a day and realised it was not a good idea until they have done more work in the brood box and took it off today.

I have had quite a few deaths that have worried me. If I had to take a stab at the number of dead bees around the hive I would estimate about 100. Does that sound excessive? Most were in the first day - quite a few bees seemed disinclined to enter the new hive and they mostly perished by morning (I completed the transfer around midday last Thursday). There have been a few more dead ones around the hive since. I’ve cleaned all these up and will monitor from here.


Welcome to the forum Eathan, you made a common mistake of fitting the Flow Super way to early, you only add that when the hive has 80% of all the cells in use for either brood, pollen or honey. The frames should have a very heavy covering of bees. Any sooner and you are not helping your bees.


Great to see another inner west Sydneysider. I’ve made the same mistake of adding the flow too early potentially. Will be watching your progress with interest.