Bees in the tube that drains the honey

I just harvested my first harvest. I got 6 lbs from one frame. My question is I must have done something wrong because there are bees coming out the flow tube mixed with honey. Any help is appreciated. There was about a dozen bees that came out the tube

Sorry about that, I hate to see that myself! :cry:

I would suggest that you think about 2 things.

First, is there a hole in the bottom of the Flow frame? The plastic can get fragile and crack. You need to take the frame out and turn it upside down to see. If there is, bees will get in there and harvest honey from the Flow channel.

Second, was part of the frame misaligned? If the cells are not making nice even hexagons before the bees store the honey, sometimes they can get down into the Flow channel.

What to do about it now though? You probably have honey with dead bees in it. I just pour it through a kitchen strainer into another jar. If you do it right away, the taste will not be affected.

Sorry you had this experience, but these things happen in beekeeping. :blush:

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Hi Pam,

It sounds like a segment might be popped out of place.

Have a look here:

Email if you discover something out of the ordinary. We are happy to help. –Kieran