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Bees Inside My Home


I cannot believe I did this but yesterday at lunch I replaced the empty entrance feeder with a full one and decided I should take the empty to the kitchen to be cleaned, then back to work. After work I discovered I had maybe a dozen bees in my kitchen and most were dead or dying at the nearest kitchen window. Why would they die just from being in my house I don’t have a clue. I’m sure they were back in the feeder and we just didn’t see them but why they died is a mystery.


They killed themselves trying to get back home - Foragers are the oldest bees - they have been Nurse, Cleaner, Builder of Wax - by the time they become forages they have about 2 weeks to live and generally die on the job.

The stress and energy of trying to fly back to the hive would have depleted their food store for carrying out their work and they would have died of starvation, exhaustion and stress


Valli is just trying to break the news to your gently… :joy:

always check that you are not carrying bees back inside with you or on you… if they do get inside then get a jar and trap them on the window or roof… let them back outside and all good :smiley:

and remember… you’ll always have another 15 to 20 thousand bees still left in the hive thriving… :wink:


Chet don’t fret. You might well have brought them in. They could have flown in. They just couldn’t get back out and died. I’m sure you’ll check the feeder next time. You do your best for your bees just don’t make them into little people :sunny: