Empty Hive - Only Bees left

Hi Everyone.

I am fairly new to beekeeping, getting started around February this year. I was a little late in the year (Late summer here in Australia) in getting some bees but all seems to have been going well until now.

About a month ago I inspected the hive as it started to warm up here in Spring and noticed that I had a lot of bees, a lot of brood, not so much pollen but things seemed to have grown since winter so was pretty happy. I concluded that it was still fairly early for them so I will give them another month before worrying about the pollen.

Now that a month has passed. I decided to do another inspection with the thought of adding another brood box and checkerboarding the frames if all appeared OK. This time I found a whole lot of dead bees out the front (they were not there a week ago), almost no glistening nectar, no pollen, and no brood. I did see some larvae but probably only 10 cells.

Since I saw no food. I decided to put some sugar water (1:1 ratio) in the hive for them thinking that they are probably starving. I have also closed up part of the entrance so that they have a smaller opening to defend themselves incase of robbers.

I plan on trying to find a protein source so I can feed them that and keep up the sugar water for a while. I figured I would check to see what is happening in a weeks time to see if I need to re-queen. Does this seem like a logical step to take and can anyone offer me any suggestions?


Sounds like they swarmed or got robbed

If they starve, you will find them dead with their heads in the cells.

Thanks for the response.

I did see some bees with their heads still in cells so I assume starvation is a big cause.

I am thinking they must have been robbed as there are no resources left and a mess of dead bees. I will keep on my path and hopefully grow the colony again.