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Bees not going in hive


I have 6 hives of bees. At night the young newly hatched bees will not go inside the hive. They are on the ground. Has anyone else had this problem and can tell me what to do or is this normal behavior.


Any photos? Any deformities on the bees? How do you know they are newly hatched?


I don’t think it is normal behavior. Bees getting rid of deformed bees, as @Dawn_SD said would be normal behavior.

If you have shaken bees onto the ground before taking frames of honey, sometimes young bees wont be able to fly back. If that happens, you can place a stick from the ground to the entrance for the bees to walk up.

If they don’t make it back into the hive, do the right thing & give them a decent burial.


Began treating for mites last Monday and this is where the bees have decided to reside! Any input?