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Evening bee activity


Hi got my nuc of bees 5 days ago first nuc
Though out day nice and calm but for the second evening there is alot of acivity lots of bees flying just out side hive entrance not angery ,can stay near by with out bee suit on, no fighting around entrance is this normal?


Sounds like orientation flights of new bees to me.

When the weather is warm it can happen later in the day. My hives usually have orientation flights for 30-60min starting sometime around 3 or 4pm.



Hi Chris,
Bees will not fly in the dark, so is there a lot of light around your hive? As this may cause your bees to be flying at night?


Thanks 30 minutes later all calm so could new bees


Hello Chris, if it early evening just after sun down but still some light it could be foraging bees returning home if it is still warm for your local climate. Another option is it could be orientation flights of new bees. If they all fly into the hives I would not worry. when you open up the nuc you may find they are a large enough colony to move into a full sized box, 8 or 10 frames, add frames of foundation to the outside of the brood box and the bees will start building comb on the frames.
Welcome to the wonderful world of bee keeping and what I think the best forum for help and information.