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Bee's outside the brood box

I am a new keeper in the Upstate of SC, we have a rainy week, with temps in lower 80’s, overcast, and my bee’s are mostly walking back and forth on the outside of the brood box…should I bee concerned/ I am not using an entrance reducer…

Hi and welcome to the Flow forum. If you could post a photo or video (via a YouTube link), that would help. In warm, humid weather, bees will often “beard” on the outside of the hive. However, a colony with a lot of juvenile workers can often mean that you see “washboarding” on the exterior of the hive. The bees sort of rock back and forth, not doing much. Nobody knows why, but then human teenagers can be hard to understand too! Both of these happen in healthy hives. :blush:

The third possibility is swarm preparation, but that is unlikely in rainy weather. When did you last inspect inside the hive?


@Dawn_SD has given you sound advice, without seeing a few pics or a video clip I am thinking given the climate that you are having some of the bees have moved outside to help in keeping the colony from over heating. This is likely to happen more if the hive is located in the sun.
A big welcome to the forum, you will find heaps of friendly folk here ready to give you sound advice.
Cheers, Peter

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