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Beetle Buster opinions

Anyone using Beetle Buster ?
What is your honest opinion of Beetle Buster vs a regular pest tray ?
Is it worth the investment ?

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I saw your post, checked it out, and bought one. It sounds like a simple solution. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Thank you
Looking forward to hearing about it.


Out of curiosity whether or not you were in the US, I looked at your profile and saw Lemon Grove. Interesting !
Although I’ve lived in Arkansas for many years now, I am a native of Kern County. Born and raised in Cali - although it has changed a lot.

I like to call it “Lemon Groove” :grinning: Lemon Grove used to be a commercial citrus producing community around the turn of the last century and shipped fruit all over the country. Eventually the farmers sold out and tract homes were built in their place. It makes me think of that song, “they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same!” I was lucky to find a rare gem – a two-story Spanish colonial house built in 1935 by a movie studio on a plot of land with a beautiful view. It was originally a remote office back when they were shooting westerns in the east county, but I like to think it must have been a love nest – and then they went to Tijuana and gambled at the race track. I remember when I was a teenager in the 60s going to the Ace Drive In, which was in Lemon Grove, although I didn’t really know where I was at the time because I didn’t drive yet.

Over the past few years I was on the board of directors of the Lemon Grove Historical Society, but recently stepped back because I’m still working and want to focus on developing my wildlife habitat. You can learn more about the history of Lemon Grove from the LGHS website, which I built BTW – that’s another hat I wear. Actually, I’m looking forward to adding a bee veil to my hat collection!

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