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Beetradex UK 2020

Dear Flow,

Are you attending?

I’ll gladly donate my time to support in any way from a novice backyard beekeeper and FlowHive2 owners perspective.



Bet they’d be interested, if not already signed up. Bumping @Freebee2


That’s a lovely offer Dean. I’d love to attend myself! I’m just in discussion with our events coordinator about our scheduled commitments for 2020 to see if this event can be included or not, and will get back to you next week. I am not sure if we can get to the UK for 2020 or not, it is looking more like 2021 I think - but will check.

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Nice one @HappyHibee good shout :raised_hands: I’d be up for that too! Would be good to meet up there with a fellow Flow Hiver at the show too.
Hope you guys at Flow can make it @Freebee2 :pray: here’s hoping! If not for 2021. It’s a really great well attended show.

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No rush. Nearer the time something could be arranged. I live local.

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I hope so too! We are pretty keen to get to the UK at some stage.

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