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About the Flow Events category


A place to show where Flow will be at events, shows, beekeeping events, etc.
Listings of talks by Stu, Cedar, or if Flow has a Flow Hive on display so you can see it in person.

Please be aware that there are a lot of Flow users showing their Flow hives at different beekeeping clubs and events around the year also (where we are not in direct involvement) - so it is best to get in contact with your local beekeeping club and see what’s going on near you :slight_smile:


Any chance will make it all the way down to Victoria one day? :slight_smile:


If they go to the US before the rest of Australia, might be a bit peeved!!! :wink:


Probably, not sure of all the events lined up. That’s why I’m trying to setup this category in the forum so it’s easier to see what’s on and where :slight_smile:
I will see if we can try and organise some kind of calender too…


It’s a great idea. Just trying to plant a seed, food for thought…( can’t think of anymore metaphors to mix)


There are many seeds planted, I’m just not sure what will bee coming to fruition soon :slight_smile: