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Beginner Beekeeper Quiz


Some of these are quite hard, but the quiz is educational. Enjoy!


I got 85%…

I only thought Australia, UK, Canada, NZ and the USA have the 'five eyes.:wink:


Ha. You’re good. I just got 80%. But now I know 100% of that.
At a guess, Dawn got 100% first go.


100 here…but been at it for a while so no excuse for getting any wrong



I’ll pass … my hands to sticky from bee glue !

My walk away needs a Queen soon. I’m popping in frames of brood to keep it productive n strong … I’ve got plenty of brood around the apriay. Not if I should requeen or find a frame of mixed eggs n brood.

Everything seems to be going right this season. I keep wondering what am I missing here …

Gerald :grinning: :honeybee:


Nice brood pattern in that photo, Jerry! Congratulations. :blush:


Nice …
Well done Gerald’s bees



I’m trying to grow brood in a couple of 5 frame Nuc to supply needed brood to keep the other colonies close/more even.

The Wood Nuc’s seem grow faster n vertical thus if I have a productive queen I able to harvest capped or mixed easier for the needed colony.

See how that idea pans out this season n if good I’ll repeat this system again in 2019.

What do you guys think :thinking:?! Any thots or ideas :bulb:?!




I prefer not to grow a colony in a multilevel nucleus, but maybe that is just me. Once they have filled 5 frames, I move them into a standard hive, or give/sell them to somebody else. :blush:


I have a Nuc Tower hive just like that and it has always done well and is quite productive. I think they make good donor/back up hives. They are also good for drawing out foundationless combs. I think your idea is a good one. Hopefully it works out for you!


I think a double nuc build better because the warmth enables them to draw comb faster. I sometimes double decker them to draw and part fill the frames before then putting them into a bigger hive.


Sounds like a great idea, then. I suppose with limited space (and number of hives allowed), I just feel the pressure to get them out of the nuc ASAP. :blush: