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Best time of day to take a nest and other questions


I am a newbie. A lady nearby contacted me through a classified ad site and said she has a swarm on the corner of a shed. I have not seen it and her contacts back to me have been spotty as she didn’t leave a phone #. She said she wanted me to come friday, but don’t have the particulars and want to be prepared if it is a go. I would imagine that it’s not a swarm since it’s been there a few days so it’s probably a nest. I built a bee vac and could use this. Should I just take the bee’s anytime of day, or early AM or later PM or mid day? I have some old brood comb in frames and an empty hive. Should I just vac and dump them into a hive box with the frames, or leave them in the bee vac or dump them into a hive or box and leave it on a stand to catch any left over bee’s, or just move it to the new location? I have an outfit and tools. Any advice on time of day and if I should leave the new wooden hive with comb and captured bee’s till evening to get all the bee’s? Thanks Noel (Sorry two of the pictures are flipped sidewise).

Newbee's first day, on my first 'Trap-out'. Questions

Hi Dusty,

Sounds like it’s going to be a cutout. So, pretty sure it’s a hive (not nest … wasps build nests). You need to make sure you get the queen, so will need to get in to the comb. There are methods to attract them out and into you Bix, but if you can open the cavity that they have set up shop, you should be able to get the lot. Vacuuming them out prob won’t work like on a swarm hanging in a tree.

@JeffH has done lots of this kind of thing, search him up and watch some of his awesome vids.

Looking forward to hearing some more replies and hearing your success story!


G’day Dusty, I have seen swarms sit on one spot for up to 4 days before deciding on a new location. The other day I picked up a colony that built a nest under a palm frond. Regardless of whether it’s a swarm or the bees have decided to build an external hive on the corner of the shed, I would wait til late afternoon so you can get all the bees as they return.

Go & check it out, it wont be the last call you get. Every one you do will be so beneficial in regards to gaining experience & knowledge.


Yes I will check video’s thanks for your help


Thank you too Jeff. Experience is what I desperately need. Hands on yes but just plain knowledge as well. I will inspect in the A.M. and gather in the P.M. thanks so much.


Question. If for some reason I don’t get the queen and since I don’t have extra queens, I take it that they will soon swarm after I get them home and fly away, correct? Are there any alternatives if you don’t have a queen? Can you add them to an existing hive or ??? Thanks and God bless for any info.


If the swarm’s current location is less than 2 miles from you, there is more risk that they may try to go back to the lady’s house, especially if you left the queen behind. You could merge the swarm (newspaper method) with an existing hive, but I would prefer to take a frame of brood from the existing hive, with eggs or very young larvae. Put it into the box with the swarm, then they will likely stay, and they can make a queen if you happen to have left her behind.

I would also take a box with empty frames and rubber bands with you, just in case they have started building comb as @Sting implied.


Following your encouragement for Dusty. I am sure getting experience but not a winner winner. LOL My cut out that I did with experienced help lives. My swarm that I caught which was low and easy on a fire hydrant left. So I keep asking around and have gotten a lot of leads for cut outs. I have realized I need partner for that. one was under a trailer so close but could see me cutting then crawling out to mount. So no go for me. Tomorrow I will try for a swarm in early am. It is about 8 ft high under a patio. My traveling box is heavy. Thinking I should scoop into a light weight plastic box using a piece of cardboard? I have a little broom. Remove a couple frames and dump them into the box. Then best would be to return in PM to retrieve. Sounds simple. Wish me luck and sure wondering if Dusty got the bees.


The people had pit bulls in the yard and various work schedules and decided against it. Thanks for asking.