Better luck this time

After losing my bees due to the Varrora outbreak in NSW it appears I have caught a swarm to start again. This location is well away from the eradication zone so it is kosher to keep the swarm. Its in my backyard and is very small with a cluster about the size of a grapefruit. Left them for a couple of weeks to settle and checked this morning. Comb building and brood on the way. There is healthy activity at the entrance so hopefully my pet hive will grow over this season.

Can’t upload the little vid of the entrance :frowning: but it is closed down with a healthy traffic concentration.

After some coaching from Dawn :sunglasses:



Hi Rob, great to hear about your recovery of, and nurturing of a swarm!

If you upload it to YouTube, be sure to make it Public and then post a share link here, we can all enjoy your success! Meanwhile, I am very happy for you and for your bees. They have found an expert beekeeper.


Thank you! They look very happy, even if some of them are “newbees” at working out where the entrance can be found… :rofl:

Thank you for making the effort to upload the video. It takes a few minutes, but it gives great pleasure to see happy bees and a pristine hive. Beautiful!


Lucky bees! Thanks for the vid, always gives me contentment to watch bees returning to their hive :hugs: Nice paint job too :+1:

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Wishing you the very best with stepping back into beekeeping after what must have been a very difficult time. The season should be kicking off big time soon. I saw the weather is set to warm up and stay warm.

Thankyou. Don’t know what was worse, losing my hives or working for the DPI killing hives.

Hopefully a new chapter and the girls are looking more active today with it being warmer.