Lost bees but now back in action

I thought my bees would be safe from the Varorra outbreak in NSW but the DPI went and put an eradication zone right over the location were I had them at Narrabri. Well they used them as sentinel hives for a couple of months but finally nuked them last week :frowning: There goes 20 years of breeding….

Anyway, came home yesterday to find a swarm in a tree about 30 metres from my house. Too high to grab so put out hives with swarm attractant on them. They ended up going into one of the hives so fingers crossed they will stay.



Hi Rob, I’m really sorry to read of your loss. It would make this grown man cry…

I’m confused by your profile. I always thought that you lived at the Blue Mountains, which I thought was somewhere near Katoomba.

I hope you are able to keep bees near where you live.

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I have moved from the mountains and now live in Gunnedah which is well and truely out of the eradication zone. If the bees stay I have to do an alcohol was and report the result to the DPI. Then start the breeding process again…

My biggest problem is that I am starting from scratch as all my hives are dead and wrapped for the DPI to dispose. No drawn comb at all, let alone any brood so its dicey if they will stay.

Here’s hoping


Sorry to hear that Rob! :cry: All the best with starting over

I am also very sad for your loss Rob :frowning: I am in Buronga NSW so thankfully varoa never made it this far.

They took off just after lunch. Back to the drawing board…