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Beware of the smoker accidents


I find that hessian is really good- I will often use whatever dried plant matter I come across at the bottom and then a thick wad of hessian on top. If things go to plan the top layer of hessian doesn’t burn up for an age- and I top it up when it does burn. The hessian stops sparks exiting and helps keep the smoke cool. One old potato sack goes a long way.


You’re lucky you came away with your fingers. I had a boyfriend who lost 4 of his fingers to melted plastic, and burns up his arm and body.
Thanks for sharing your story. A good reminder that our lifes and bodies may be more important than the disposable material around.
That new non-smoker invention sounds good about now. (The one that used essential oils and vapour to calm the bees instead of smoke). http://beesolis.com/apisolis/ It looks like he didn’t get the funds to make it though :frowning:

Glad you’re okay Peter :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link and thoughts Faroe. Stupidity ruled and I tried to save gear that could have been replaces. I guess the apisolis smoker didn’t get off the ground due to a lack of crowd funding. Maybe if the same info was put forward in English, a more world wide accepted language than French, it might have helped.
It is not only Australia has total fire bans in hot Summers which includes the use of smokers, probably our most dangerous piece of kit.
Has anyone got a link to an alternative option??


The Indiegogo page is in English Peter. That is the original invention, and I haven’t seen any others like it.
I think it’s a good idea, but he just didn’t get lucky with a viral video or enough publicity around his idea before he launched.
Hopefully, he will try again and be successful.


OH man I would have bought one because I can’t start a fire or get my smoker lit worth a darn. My pyro skills small and I have to use a kitchen torch to get my smoker lit. I hope he gives the indi go go another try.


There is a thought that bees do not mind the odd meringue pie nicely scorched.

That said I think the kitchen torch is a great idea. No different that the butane torches used in workshops. Hey …easy is good if it works.