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Camel Dung As Smoker Fuel


While listening to the radio today “The Queensland Country Hour”, I learned that dried camel dung works well in bee smokers:)


Hi Jeff…do you know if Bunnings has it?:worried:


G’day Dan, no I don’t. Apparently after a bit more research, cow & horse manure makes good smoker fuel. I’ll give it a go now that I know it works. I find a bit of kangaroo poo near my hives at times. I’ll give that a go as well.


Hi @JeffH. Hang on a bit. I can’t remember which, but I heard either cow or horse du g is toxic for bees. When I heard it, I remember I thought: damn. Maybe my previous neighbours had horses and I could have had a lot of it.
Anyway, before you use either cow or horse patties, do some research. And let me know. Since I forgot which one it was.


@Webclan, There is a bit on the internet warning about “E. coli” contamination of the honey/frames etc., perhaps that is what you have seen?


There was no talk about E coli. Anyway, burned E. coli is prob not bad for bees. No, it was verbal advice, and I can’t remember by whom. Must be getting old. Something about toxic fumes to bees in the burn.
I really have to do some brain clearing exercises. Maybe I remember by tomorrow.


Could be a problem if the animal had been drenched recently and the poison is still in the dung. Burn and release the poison into the hive.

Now, the roo poo should be OK unless you drench your roos :sunglasses:


Thank you @Webclan, that is good advice. It would only be if my wood shavings ran out, that I’d use any if it was close by. I’m sold on the wood shavings. They last for ages.

If I was going to gather any manure, I’d put it into my garden.


I have an odd aversion to poo. Must be the medical training. :smile: I would never burn it in my smoker, even if it was free. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I use a lot of manure in my vege garden if I have the energy to gather it. The earth & compost worms love it, then the worm poo becomes good fertilizer.


Just need to get myself a camel now then…