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Biological Control for Varroa and SHB


I’d like to network with anyone who is using or thinking about using biological pest control. This year I plan on starting a project using Stratiolaelaps scimitus in 8 hives to evaluate their effectiveness on V. destructor.


Just doing a cursory google search on them it looks like they are more dirt/soil based. What is the process for using them inside of a hive?


I think Phil Chandler of Biobees uses them in the “forest floor litter” in his TBH set ups. You could have a look on his forum.


They are soil-based. They have been used in the tree farming industry for about 25 years. Recently, some studies are being run in Eastern Ontario. You can watch a video and/or read a data sheet here: http://www.niagarabeeway.com/varroa-mite.html

I’m in process of trying to duplicate their results in SE Wisconsin. Basically, Ss are shipped in an organic media that is sprinkled over the top bars of the frames. At uniform time periods throughout the active season, hives are monitored with sticky boards and application is done when levels exceed a pre-defined threshold of infestation.

As they are soil-based, as you mentioned, I am also observing any related effects on Small Hive Beetle. My Fall bee inspection reported a SHB infestation that I had never had before, which has been controlled mechanically with Beetle Blasters…